Summary of The Jungle Book

By: Emily S. and Lisa S.

Mowgli's Brothers

The story starts out with a wolf pack that follows the Law of the Jungle. They hear news of how Shere Khan, the lame tiger, is hunting humans, which is against the Law of the Jungle because humans are defenseless. An Indian boy just learning to walk comes to the wolf family. Lovingly, the wolves take him into their den naming him Mowgli- “the Frog”. Shere Khan comes to the wolf den demanding the man-cub. The mother wolf’s viciousness in protecting her family is the only thing that can scare him away. Although many wolves do not believe that a man-cub belongs in a wolf pack, Mowgli is accepted because of the word of Baloo the bear and a promise for meat from Bagheera the black panther. Mowgli grows up. At around the age of ten, Shere Khan starts gaining power again, vowing to kill Mowgli once the current wolf leader Akela falls. Once Akela misses his catch, Mowgli knows that Shere Khan will try to take control of the pack. So he rushes off to man’s village and takes fire, the only thing that scares Shere Khan. Using the fire, he is able to defeat the tiger and save Akela. Mowgli continues to live with the wolves until he grows up and gets married.

Kaa’s Hunting”

Before Mowgli fights Shere Khan, he lived happily in the jungle, learning the Law of the Jungle from Baloo the bear. Baloo teaches him how to talk to all of the animals of the jungle. Although Mowgli does not like his lessons at times, knowing this is vital to his survival. During one lesson, Baloo hits Mowgli because Mowgli doesn’t want to listen. Mowgli runs off, and Bagheera the panther comes. He scolds Baloo for hitting Mowgli. When Mowgli returns, Baloo finds out that Mowgli was with the Monkey people or Bandar-log. The Bandar-log are the more despicable people because they live without law. Baloo tells Mowgli to never go near them again. While napping, the Bandar-log kidnap Mowgli and take him to a deserted Indian town. Baloo and Bagheera are really worried. They know the only animal the Bandar-log fear is Kaa, the snake. Baloo and Bagheera recruit his help to rescue Mowgli even though he is evil himself. With the help of Kaa, they are able to rescue Mowgli. But Baloo and Bagheera vow to never ask for Kaa’s help again due to his trickery.

Tiger, Tiger”

After fighting Shere Khan, Mowgli goes to live in a man village. A widow takes him in, and he grows accustomed to their way of life. He still enjoys seeing his wolf brothers. While out herding one day, one of his wolf brother comes to warn him that Shere Khan is gaining power and plans to kill him. A little while later, the wolf comes again and tells Mowgli that Shere Khan plans to kill him that day. Clever Mowgli devises a plan and uses the herd to stomp and kill Shere Khan. The town’s people do not acknowledge his accomplishment, scolding him for the “carelessness” with the herd. They see him talking to his brother wolf and think he’s a bewitched, not letting him back in the town. Mowgli goes back and lives with his brothers until he is grown up.

"The White Seal"

Novastoshnah is a small place on the island of St. Paul, far away in the Bering Sea, where Sea Catch and his wife Matkah live along with their white baby Kotick. As Kotick grows up, he struggles to separate himself from his mother, but when he finally gets up the courage, he leaves to go off exploring. Along his swim, Kotick comes upon several islands that are covered in seal carcasses, due to the destruction of the seal hunters. Upset with his findings, Kotick decides to devote his time and energy to finding safe habitats for seals to live in, to stop the mass killings.


Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is a mongoose who lives in the garden of a very nice family. The garden is also inhabited by Darzee the tailor-bird and his wife, and Nag the cobra snake and his wife Nagaina. When Nag and Nagaina become jealous of the attention that Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is getting, they become quiet desperate and make several attempts to kill him and his beloved family.

Toomai of the Elephants

Little Toomai lives within the Indian forest with his father Big Toomai, who is the driver of the great elephant Kala Nag. Kala Nag, which means Black Snake is one of the most successful elephants to have ever served in the Indian government. When Kala Nag hears the wild call of an elephant far off in the jungle, he immediately runs off to find the other elephants, taking Little Toomai with him in his trunk for an adventure he will never forget.

"Her Majesty’s Servants"

or "Servants of the Queen"

All the animals of the land had gathered in Rawalpindi to be evaluated by Viceroy of India, who had brought the wild king, Amir of Afghanistan with him. All of the elephants, mules, bullocks, camels and horses must spend their time in camp waiting to have the Viceroy, as they spend their time becoming friends with one another and learning about adventures that each one has had.